Clockworks made of gears and diverse objects, my sculptures own the gift of sound along with their aesthetic appearance: each piece has its own peculiar, maybe dirty, sound, a dissolved noise that is however eligible as a musical sound

I live my creative process as a game; I work while I play, with the intent of transferring this experience to others. I define ludoarte as the involvement of the very own senses of touch, sight and hearing of those who, ignorant or expert, interact with the "opera", experiencing a joyfully childish enjoyment.

These strange sculptures appear, in their intricacy and, at the same time, childish simplicity, as machines handed down from the days of Deleuze: the desire to manipulate the language of sounds, a desire peculiar to human sensibility, urges me to produce a reality, to conceive partial objects, flows and essences that work as a production system. Desire and the object of desire are one, they are the MUSICAL machine.

Art, this LUDOART in particular, wants to be a day-to-day approach to building up one's life, a practice for building up and organising ones own sensations instead of just conveying them.

Luciana Galliano