kunst ist leben

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proposal for
X international art Symposium
Kunst ist Leben

Imagine to be inside an abandoned factory,a disused theatre or a former school: in the darkness a shaft of light hits a kind of big "insect" (its head is an old compact-disc turning eccentrically on a small electric engine,its energy comes from a solar cell on its abdomen): its legs start to beat on an amplified sound box ( piezo-electric picks-up wired to a mixer.)
This odd " maestro d'orchestra" and its random rhythm suggests the setting to the performer.
"RUDIMACHINES AND THE FIREFLIES" is a work of musical improvisation on an electro-acoustic set of six different music-sculptures (Ciclombira, Capoeira, Violom, Cajon,Cantante e Trifona )

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- Inside the long work of research on the sound of materials starting in 1996 with "sound cycles", the latest progress came from the application of solar technology to 0,5 volts electric engines:light, both solar and artificial, thus enters in the production of sound :a kind of FOTOPHONIA ( here borrowing a term from the experiences of JACQUES DUDON but with a complete different meaning )introducing a rhithmyc and random base to the performing work of improvisation .

My proposal considers the building of two or three semispheric installations made up in aluminium wire ( 5 x5 x5 feet aprx),each containing lighting devices and two or three "insects"

The performance will be filmed and afterward screened each time the installation ( which will remain at the Symposium) will be turned on.

Rudi Punzo